Saturday, May 10, 2008

Death to Diseased and Dying America

We are living in a time when 30 gang members attack a police car with automatic weapons. We are lulled to sleep under the illusion that Capitalism is the greatest economic system on earth. These lies about the American dream are spread by propaganda specialists such as the Fox-Bush so-called news network. Liars who spread propaganda, such as Limbaugh, Sean what's his face, and arch-conservative Bill what's his name, are specialists at what they do, and they are paid millions for it. The talk at Fox Network is that Billy boy got a hard-on at the Miley Cyrus pictures and had to take a cold shower. A repressed pedophile who lashes out at any self-perceived sign of perversity. Well here it is, the truth at last about shitty, corrupt, America. Citizens, you are under to obligation to pay credit card debts. Max them out and throw them in the trash. They are crooks who rob you. Mortgage companies, the crooks who are touted by Congress as giving you a home, are capitalist liars and crooks who rob you blind. You are under no obligation to pay 19% interest. Stay in the home and don't pay until the crooked, capitalist judge throws you out. Fuck them! They manipulated you and used you for there own nefarious purposes. Do you understand American? There are no fucking street sweepers on your street in the ghetto city of Los Angeles, so why are you paying their tickets? They give you phony tickets on Saturday when they know that the parking is free in that area on Saturday. They sit behind your car and wait for the meter to expire. Do you understand, Americans? When a city pig pulls you over for a phony ticket it would be nice to shoot him in the face, but then we would be no worse than gang members. Better to cuss him out and call him a capitalist pimp or a piece of shit. He can't say sir, slow down, or are you having a bad day, or be more careful. Fuck them! They will throw you in a multiracial prison where you will be fucked in the ass. You will be denied witnesses at your trial and you will be appointed a lawyer who works for the Occupation government. And the crooked capitalist judge will go along with it. He is getting paid big bucks to do so. Fuck them, and fuck America! Any President worth his salt would smash the greedy capitalist oil companies in a million pieces and lower the price down to one dollar a gallon. That's why the Fox news liars attack Hugo Chavez. Don't fuck with capitalist greed! Fuck America! You will be robbed blind for your health care, you will be taxed to death on your property that you do not and never will own, and you will be robbed, raped, murdered, mugged, and shot if you walk the streets of beautiful, capitalist, greedy, America. Fox news, the purveyor of truth, will not tell you that most of the cities in America are on lock-down and that people do not walk the streets at night. The poor man out in West Hollywood for a walk the other night I suppose deserved a knife in the chest. Filthy country! Gangs in Hollywood! How be it? Don't tell me you filthy piece of gang shit that somebody handed you a gun at 4 years old. Are you retarded? Put the fucking gun down, idiot! If you want to fight the capitalist system that oppresses you, then fine. Why take your anger out on ordinary citizens? Kill the police, kill the politicians, overthrown the filthy government which is run by white, rich, capitalist hacks such as the lesbian Hillary, or baby killer scarface McCain, however the hell you spell his shitty name. Octogenarian capitalist, idiot fuck. Bomb Iran you idiot fuck. Never mind that your CIA assassinated the President of Iran and put the oppressive Shah in place. Oh, sorry Bill, that was unpatriotic of me. The New York Times stated that the terrorist organization know as the CIA assassinated the President of Iraq, brought Saddam in from Egypt, armed him with chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons materials and urged him to attack Iran. Duh! Old man Bush sold Saddam chemical weapons? Well I'll be a mother fucker!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Presidents Are Liars and have always been liars

We begin with the liar Wilson. He lied about the sinking of the Sussex by the Germans, he failed to tell the American people that the drunken Churchill loaded the Lusitania with explosives, and then cracked the German submarine code and directed the German subs toward the Lusitania. Again the liar Wilson cut off money and weapons to European nationalists and the White Russians who had the evil Jewish Bolsheviks surrounded. In a pure act of evil he got his New York banker friends to finance the European conflict which had grinded to a stop when all sides ran out of money. But these lies and devilish works are nothing compared to the crippled liar Roosevelt. Yes he knew about Pearl Harbor three days in advance. He had Admiral Powell, the intelligence officer at Pearl Harbor arrested until after the bombing. Said Powell, "I cryed because I could not warn my friends at Pearl Harbor about the attack. Finally I got a message to Stinson who called Roosevelt." Roosevelt said, "this is my goddamn war and your doing nothing. I need the nations undivided attention on an unprovoked attack by Japan on America." As stated in the book "Germany Must Parish," the idea of the butcher Roosevelt and his Zionist adminstration was to murder all the German people and turn Germany into a cow pasture. Ignoring all the peace offerings by Hitler, the crippled liar Roosevelt and the drunken Churchill got their war. Of course when the Germans were trying to negociate with the Poles over the Danzig Corridor, the cables were cut between the German and Polish Embassies. So there you have it. Lies, lies, and more lies! I suppose the butcher Eisenhower was the biggest liar of them all, but this is debatable. During the Hungarian revolution in 1956 the bastard Eisenhower blocked the rescue force in Madrid by ordering Adenhaur to close the airport at Bonn. Then a message went out to Tito from the State Department; "tell the Soviets that we have no objection to their crushing of the Hungarian uprising. In fact the bloodthirsty Eisenhower sent letters from Europe to his wife to the effect that he hated the Germans and wished to exterminate as many as possible. As such he cut off the rations for the German prisoners of war until hundreds of thousands were starved to death. The persons who found them starved to death and up to their knees in mud must have been surprised, but none dare speak for fear of the Jews. We needn't get into who gave General MaArthur's war plans to the North Koreans, or who gave the French war plans to the North Vietnamese at Dien Bien Phu, but suffice to say that treason is at the heart of the matter. So be it then. The idiot historians who defend these war criminal are the same ones who stood silent as the mass murderer and terrorist Menachem Begin was invited to the White House by the idiot Carter. So much for genocide. I suppose someone who murders British soldiers in their sleep, massacres Palestinian woman and children and harvests their organs, or someone who burns crops, poisens the water, uses snipers to kill women and children, or blows up hopsitals and ambulances and the King David Hotel killing hundreds of people should be invited to the White House. The U.S. has always supported bloodthirsty dictators. Oh, and O'reilly, when he was whining about the Iranians taking over our Embassy and holding our diplomats hostage, forgot to tell you that the terrorist organisation known as the CIA assassinated the President of Iraq and put the evil Shah in power. And in that regard it was reported in the New York Times that the murderous CIA killed the President of Iraq and smuggled Saddam in from Egypt. It follows that old man Bush sold him nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons. Of course his retarded son doesn't know this, but it doesn't matter. Presidents are liars and have always been.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

El Diablo Bush

Well, we all knew it would be like this. Bush's neo-conservative (Jewish) war in Iraq. We all know that the neoconservatives are connected to Sharon and Netanyahu. Yes Bush has read the globalist theories of Nathan Sharansky and he has been brainwashed. This is probably the first book he read. Oh well, so much for reason and sanity. Now they will bomb Iran. The same warmongers who lied about WMD in Iraq are now clamoring for war in Iran. Fox News-Bush is leading the charge; their attack on the leader of Iran was overwhelming. Tell me Fox is not an arm of the government. Just as Dan Rather was fired because Washington threatened Sumner Redstone and CBS with loss of DC privilages. Oh yeah, and the Fox news propagandists were having lunch with Aunt Jamima Rice during the leader of Iran's speech. Fair and balanced, I guess. But the beatings in Jena and Virginia Beach were not racial. Thank you for telling me Mr. Hannity and Mr. Oreilly. Oh truth, where have you gone?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

extreme hatred

Let's begin with the word hatred. Jesus was wrong when he said to love your enemies. Why love your enemies when they are laughing all the way to the bank. In fact the whole crooked system of Capitalism is a scam to rob the people; it is held up by crooked politicians who line their pockets with the wealth of the working man. Does it make sense to love them? When mostly all the wars have been against the will of the people, and the "iron law of wages" says in effect that the working man must never be allowed to rise above the subsistance level. Truth! Damn it! You won't get it from Hannity, you won't get it from Limbaugh, you won't get it from O'Reilly, and you won't get it from Savage. These are establishment propagandists and the CIA knows it. Why else would Tom Clancy's CIA murder books be so well known. The system is designed so that the working man remains in his place, and the propagandists do not inform him that he is a slave. Yes, the government hopes you will die so they don't have to pay your Social Security. They know damn well what they are doing. You see, Bush and Rice went recently to the Hungarian Embassy to congratulate them on their 1956 Revolution, but why should Mr. historian O'Reilly tell them that the State Department sent a message to Tito: "tell the Soviets to crush the Hungarians." In fact the bloodthirsty, Eisenhower, the man who murdered millions of Germans during and after the Soviet-American attack on Europe, blocked the rescue force in Madrid, by ordering Adenhaur to close the airport at Bonn. Truth! How freightening to realize that the United States supported the Bolsheviks since 1919. The idiot Wilson cut off the money and supplies to the Romanian, Hungarian, and British forces who had the filthy, Bolsheviks surrounded. But this is only the beginning. For now let me close with the fact that the publishing industry has refused to publish the following books; Target America: An Attack on Tyranny, Target America II: The Jackal Escapes, and Seven Tales of Woe. As a result the author was forced to go to a small publisher which is not recognized by the corporate rulers, and hence the corporate bookstores will not take the books. But I assure you Capitalist crooks that the world is watching, and sure as hell the books will get out! Just as Osama said to read Chomsky, he will soon be saying read Target America: An Attack on Tyranny to get the truth about America. To be continued.